1 Text As A Method

Text as a method in relation to Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a method of information where you can type whatever you are searching for. When Barthes is distinguishing between a Text and a work we start to think about in which way we could define Wikipedia as being a Text in Barthes sense or it is a work. Barthes is trying to explain that reading and writing are linked to each other historically and in origin. But nowadays writing and reading are separated. Wikipedia doesn’t only give you the opportunity to find the information you are searching for but it gives you as a reader the opportunity to write something yourself which other people can use. When the Text is consumed any work that seems impenetrable is regarded as boring because the consumer ultimately has the upper hand and is not playing with the text in order to let it be understood. It must be legitimate for the Text to be weird and impenetrable. As we understand Barthes he is pointing not only at the concern of consumerism regarding text and work but also in our everyday life. We are led into a cycle of irresponsibility because if we “don’t get it” we will throw it away because of boredom. On Wikipedia you’ll find only facts, of course with subjective perspective, which is its main interest.

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