10 March

Digital art, Groys and Ziarek

Prezi Presentation

Digital art is based on new technology and produced by creative scientists mostly in collaborations.

Digital art raises questions on the differences between art, technology and entertainment.

By looking at art and entertainment we concluded that the major difference between the two is active vs. passive participation of the audience. In Art the viewer must be engaged with the piece where as in entertainment the observer can simply sit back and be amused.

In our presentation we took an art historians perspective, comparing digital and avantgarde art while making a minor critique on Peter Bürger's idea of the avantgarde as a failed project.

Can we distinguish between digital art and technology? In other words how does digital art inflict our concept of art?

The case


The final debate

New cases:


Feral Trade Café(Kate Rich), Café + elaborate website, documentations of the paths and origins of the food and commodities in the café

Suggested topics of analytical reflection on digital works of art:

levels of interactivity

Creative scientists and art produced in collaborations or collectives

Event based and performance festivals: Trans Mediale(Berlin, Germany), Ars Electronic(Lenz, Austria)

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