28 April

Sampling (commercial) Bits

Written presentation from group 4

Texts :

C.Anderson : The Long Tail (2006, 2007)
Manovich : Software Takes Command (Not yet published)


http://www.whosampled.com is a website designed with 2.0 web based technology which gives the user possiblity to edit, rearrange and upload informations about sampling. It is often two youtube clips or similiar websites that are place next to each other, to show the origin of the sampling or remix.


Is an economic theorist who writes about the cultural market as it has developed recently. His main concept his the Long tail which he in unfolds in numerous articles and books.
The Long tail explanes why niche products as large as market value as blockbusters and hits. All those niches, when aggregated, can make up a significant market.


Manovich writes about the logic of remixing. Unlimited remix is a technique of our time. It is an aesthetics of excessive sampling. It is a term that was previously used to describe a musical strategy, but is now applicable to other phenomena in our remix culture i.e literature, visual arts, theater study etc.
The term caraterizes the total rearrangement/modification of the original: it attacks the original.

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