5 Text As A Intellectual Property

Patriarchal ownership: Barthes contends that a concentration and focus on the author of a certain work detriments the reading of the work itself. But on the other hand if a work is “strong” “good” or ‘clever enough’ then it doesn’t need the author. What we have discussed during this is that it might point back to the fact that when you choose to focus on the authorship than it is a big mistake as the focus on the Text’s quality. On Wikipedia the complete anonymity shares this view because it is not a goal of recognition to be contributing, it is a goal of education. Suddenly thoughts of quality, authorship, coolness factor these things disappear, and what is left behind is knowledge. Wikipedia is blind to hierarchy and all knowledge is equal. Knowledge is relative. If we are to name one fear it is that the responsibility of having base knowledge also disappears. By this we mean that people in a way throw away their responsibility for learning something and are using Wikipedia for everything exclusively.

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