6 Text As A Game

Consumption: Barthes explains a fear of consumption because there is no natural meeting with the text, when it is diminished to something which is based on your personal taste. There is always meta-conscience about the text when the qualitative terms of the text are the bigger focus than the text and the meaning itself. He calls out for a play between the reader and the text in a “game” which has no rules, but a game that forces the reader to try to be open for that the text has the power to trick you around. In this way it seems that Roland Barthes has used this practice in the text itself. The text shifts between being purposefully impenetrable and ambigious, and then being clear about the statements it makes. In relation to our Wikipedia case, Wikipedia can be viewed as a tool of information that actually doesn’t have the play but it do have the consumption (every one is using it and you can choose the language you prefer).

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