Amra Habibovic

Hey everyone!
My name is Amra Habibovic I'm 20 years old and I have been studying dramaturgy for a year and a half. When I'm not studying I like to train taekwondo which I have been training for almost 5 years now. One of my main interests is to photograph and I have been photographing for some years. I also like to read books :)
What I expect from this course is to learn: what kind of influence the digital age has on art. But I also expect to develope my knowledge about art and the way we define it. What made me choose this course was the whole idea of what is authentic and original art and what's not. I also expect to enlarge my understanding of original and 'fake' art plus the way it affects people.

See you all tomrrow ;D

email: moc.liamtoh|civobibaharma#moc.liamtoh|civobibaharma

phone nr.: 25 71 57 30

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