Andreas Becker Christensen


My name is Andreas. I'm 23 years old and are studying arthistory at "kasernen" on my second year. I guess I should have looked at some of the other pages of the participants of this course, seeing that I have no idea what to write, whatever. Anyway, I hail from an infamous part of the deep south of Jutland, called Southjutland (inventive I know). Southjutland is very very very peacefull place. It is in fact so peasefull, that people get stressed out by having no worries. Southjutland is the fat bottom of a very content and potatofull Denmark where the constant threat of "cucomber-time" lurks at every corner. The danish term "agurke-tid" (or cucomber-time) is a phrase used when the media has nothing to write about, when nothing interesting is really happening. This happens all of the time in Southjutland and when it does, people get restless and try to work themselves up about the little things to reach a bearable level of anger. An example could be the local news station making a story about the tragic and mysterious death of three pigions in front of the townhall. Or as today when the radiostation P3 made it clear for the rest of the country that all out "BINGO-WAR" had broken loose in the small moped-infested town of Vojens in Southjutland. Seeing that I too have been struck by this vegetative state I'll stop writing. Looking foreward to the course and meeting all of you.


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