Assignment A

Sign up for this wiki and present yourself.

A Wiki ([ˈwiː.kiː] <wee-kee> or [ˈwɪ.kiː] <wick-ey>) is a type of website that allows users to add, remove, or otherwise edit and change most content very quickly and easily.

This is a twofold assignment which will enable you to contribute to the course wiki.

1) Before January 28th: Register by clickling 'Create account' at top right corner of this site (for free). Important: Use your real name (first and last names) as your username when you register – otherwise I will not be able to identify you and invite you to access the site.

2) Before February 2nd (but after January 28th.): Create your page at (under 'Participants'). Tell the rest of the class a little about who you are, where and what you have studied so far, and what you expect from this course.

If you have no idea what a wiki is, you may want to watch this film – remember to turn on the sound.

For questions and help with the wiki, please refer to the "How do I?" section of this site, which has been created by a collegue of mine.

We will be using this wiki throughout the course, so you may want to spend a couple of hours experimenting in the sandbox in order to become familiar with the procedures.

Good luck!

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