Assignment C

C) Create, execute, document, analyse and communicate a Flashmob between April 14 and 28
(this assignment is not mandatory for students earning 5 ETCS point for the course)

Group 1 + 2 work together and create the concept, choose the time and place and communicate the plans to the rest of the class (and others). Their theoretical reflections on the event should be published on the wiki in advance (2-3 pages).

All participants of the course take active part in the execution of the flashmob.

Group 3 documents the flashmob and publishes visual and verbal documentation on the wiki.

Group 4 makes an analysis, using theory from the course, of how the event unfolded and publishes it on the wiki (1-2 pages)

Group 5 creates a press release and contacts the media in order to communicate the event to a broader public afterwards. Reflections on the communication strategy, using theory from the course, should be published on the wiki.

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