“A revolutionary plan should not require the manipulator to disappear; (..)it must make everyone a manipulator.” Hans M. Enzensberger
“Mechanical reproduction emancipates the work of art from its parasitical dependence on ritual.(..) The work of art reproduced becomes the work of art designed for reproducibility.” Walter Benjamin
“There is no need to make it transparent any longer, simply because it is not felt to be in contradiction to the authenticity of the experience.” Bolter and Grusin


How can we talk about authenticity in the new media, if the work of art is designed for reproduction?

What does the transparency mean in artworks of new media?

There was a big debate in the class about tangeability, authenticity and market value of New Media.

Authentic or aesthetic value vs. market value
-Authentic or aesthetic value as a trophae for the individual person… So authenticity is only used in individual terms or belongings.

SHOULD we even talk about authenticity in the New Media?

Are there different kinds of authenticity related to different kinds of media?

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