Hi everybody!

I'm Elena, an exchange student from Italy; I study foreign languages and literarures (spanish and english) at the University of Genova, in the north-west coast of Italy.
I arrived in Denmark in september and here in Aarhus I'm mainly attending courses at the English department; I'm interested also in other fields apart from languages so I decided to take a course in the aesthetic department since I have always been attracted by Art and art History and also because in Italy I'm studing "Languages for cultural tourism".
Before starting university I lived for a period in Spain, in Mallorca and in Madrid, so I've decided to come in Denmark for my Erasmus to experience a country, a culture and way of life, completely different from the mediterranean ones I'm used to and also to improve my (terrible) english.
In my first semester here I've realized how the denish univerity system, the way of theaching and the organization of lessons are so different from the italian ones and I find this new prospective very stimulating and usefull for my cultural and personal growth.

I like the fact that in our class there are quite a lot of exchange students from different countries and I hope to enjoy the good opportunity.

See you all on wednesday!


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