Hans Magnus Enzenberger talks about the practical and social use of media.
The traditional socialist idea criticizes the medias:

- means of repressive manipulation(because in the hands of the power) and the medias are centrally controlled.

- there is no reciprocal action between transmitters and recievers.

- Medias can produce allianation.
Benjamin conpare the Marx' theory, about the worker being alienated from the product of his work, with the masses
alienation from the work of art.

Enzensberger suggests a propositive approach claiming that New Media offer good social and political opportunities:
- immediacy permits interaction of the mass, that can take part of the information process also as transmitters.

A revolutionary plan should not require the manipulators to disappear; it must make every one a manipulator. p. 20

- hypermediacy forms new connection with different media creating an universal system, that permits free exchange of information.

- remediation makes media more accessible and the collected information available for present purposes.

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