Final Discussion
  • Is feral hypertexts "cancerous and dangerous" or is it an expression of freedom and democracy?

not contributions make it feral, but metadata
possibility of tagging: creating metatext
metalinks; (connections to other sources of data)
Groys: biopolitics; kind of surveillance all the time, when registrating on a certain side (wiki/facebook) —> restrictions

  • In connection to Jill Walker's 3 levels, who has the authority? Are the users taking over control?

for categorizing; depending on information authority can change
users becoming more passive?! >< the web offers the possibility to be more critical, responsible —>
control of what you want to read or not; you can choose by your own; >< but you don't check the sources all the time; e.g. google offers kind of answers, you can choose out of them, kind of random?

  • Can you call a flashmob art if it is not documented? What if nobody see it?

connected to the BIG SCHEME; is it the creator or the viewer that decides if it is art or not?!
is it enough to have the participants in a flashmob?
—> Groys: you need kind of documentation, even if it is "just" people who see it
documentation itself is the work!

  • Is artificial becoming more natural than natural today? Why are we better at games than at a real life?

getting stuck into a game creates more loneliness?!
why is playing a game not part of the real life?!
playing is also all the time is imagination, or everything is reality. we are capable in understanding the world of the game
difference between real life and virtual life can be seen in the results (baking cakes in the oven or on facebook)
matter of how we tag our perception of games/ on your attitude
games often negatively connotated, but give you a lot, what is not always available in real life
—> very artificial

14 April

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