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Invitation for project ”Censor for en aften” (Censor for a night)

Hi everyone,

Andreas and I would like to invite you to the Finissage at the Aarhus Art Building on Wednesday (April 28) from 17 – 21 (5 – 9 p.m.).

We have reproduced the entire “Artist’s Easter Exhibition” in a miniature version, and you and your friends can act like censors, composing your own little Easter Exhibition from our mini-works of art. (The event is part of a big project in our class “KIF” where we are working on how to communicate the act of censoring.

This might be relevant for you and this course because:
- how to communicate censor is about how to visualize a process that is otherwise invisible (Groys)
- what happens when works of art are reproduced? Loss of aura etc.. (Benjamin)
- who is the expert… (Benjamin)
- and lots more, we are sure. Maybe you can think of it ;) ???

Press release:

-free entrance, cheap soup and "Censor-workshop"

The current exhibitions are closing and we are marking this by inviting everyone to spend a cosy evening on the 28th of April from 5 pm - 9 pm. The entrance is free of charge, our soup kitchen will be serving inexpensive home-cooked soup and you can try your censoring abilities at our "Censor-workshop" where you can put together your own exhibition.

Best regards,
Anna and Andreas

Hi everyone

Please note that you need to read pages 19-61 of the Manovich text for next week. A new (extended) version of the text is ready for download from the FirstClass folder.

Best regards,

Hi Kristine and co.

Thank you for letting me know – I use the book myself, so I wouldn't know about the missing pages in the PDF.
I will make sure to post the missing Manovich pages in the FirstClass folder later today (around 5 pm.)


Re: Missing pages. by Lotte PhilipsenLotte Philipsen, 16 Feb 2010 11:35

Hi Lotte.
I'm not sure this is the right place for my question.
Anyway it looks like there is missing two pages (22 and 23) in the Manovich text, or is it just me that can't find them?


Missing pages. by Kristine FrahmKristine Frahm, 11 Feb 2010 17:12
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