Han Nguyen

I'm Han Nguyen and I study Digital Design here at the University of Aarhus and am currently on my third supplement year. I have a special interest in video games which is why most of the courses I chose for my third suppplement year is related to dramaturgy in which I hope to be able to better understand the mechanics of storytelling and subsequently relate them to storytelling within games.

In my spare time I work on my adventure game called The wife who wasn't there about an inattentive husband who comes home from work one day only to find out that his wife has gone missing. Hmm… He seems to remember that his wife might have said something yesterday, but he can't quite remember. Now he has to look around for clues in the house, something that will trigger his memory and make him remember what it was his wife said and clue him in on why she isn't home.

I already have some knowledge of the digital field both in interaction design but also art from my main study and I chose this course because it deals with an important question in the digital age. Especially since my main study and interest (video games) is not only related but dependent on the computer I thought this course might give different views upon the whole copy/authentification problems that exist within the world of binary codes.

Email: moc.liamg|won.neyugn.h#moc.liamg|won.neyugn.h

Phone: 23 92 97 71

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