Flashmob in Aarhus 11 February:

Wired Magazine is certainly not an accademic journal, but it keeps you updated on (commercial) digital news.

Conference on interweaving technologies in Aarhus 21 - 23 April 2010

The Study Metro is a useful tool that helps with a number of questions regarding how to do things academically correct.

Tjeck this flash mob out it's really amazing :): A collection of the very best of internet.

The film "Good Copy Bad Copy" is a documentary about copyright law (in the US) and its consequences for artistic creation.

Decode is the exhibition at Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and AV-festival is the festival in Newcastle from which Lotte showed some works in class 10 March is a site for net art.

Website of cyborg-artist Stelarc

Website of bio-artist Eduardo Kac

Conference on The posthuman condition 6-7 May in Aarhus.

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