Lucia Novakova

Hi everybody, my name is Lucia, I´m 20 and I come from Slovakia. Currently I am an exchange student here in Aarhus and this is my 2nd semester here but 4th semester of my studies at my home university in Czech Republic (Masaryk university in Brno),where I study Psychology studies which I do here as well. I signed up for this course even though it is not my main academic but rather personal field of interest, because I love and admire arts in all forms, but mainly visual arts which I practice a bit. Inter alia I like to think about to which extend can an art expression be considered truly authentic in the age of digitalization where computers etc. often "do all the work" for the artist, how does the concept and understaning of art change in our era etc…
I´m thrilled about taking this course and wonder what new it´ll bring to me.. :)

my contacts: ks.teza|sidav#ks.teza|sidav, 52653411

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