Nina Gram's abstract

Nina Gram, Dept of Aesthetic Studies, Aarhus University, DK; “Mobile sounds and mediated immediacy

As the iPod user moves through the city his experience of urban space is a technologically mediated experience. By using the mobile media player he intensifies his experience making his urban commute more entertaining and captivating. (Bull, 2005, 2008, Beer, 2007; Simun, 2009 et al.). In my presentation I would like to examine possible interactive, aesthetic and perhaps even artistic qualities of iPod use and mobile listening by reflecting this activity in the light of Christina Kubisch’s performative city walk Electrical Walks. This work thematises the difference between the notion of natural, real, mediated and virtual soundscapes. When do we actually listen to the city? When do we engage with it and when are we suppressing its multiple expressions trying to make them fit our own agenda? By discussing these questions in regards to the Electrical Walks and the iPod use I will attempt to achieve a better and more detailed understanding of the relation between the iPod listener and the city. As such I will examine iPod use in the light of ‘playful and performative strategies’.

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