Ninette Mortensen

Hey all!

I am 22, originally from Billund (Legoland, land, land) and about to start my 4th semester studying Dramaturgi. :) In my sparetime, I teach drama in a little theater school for children in Billund and at the same time spend four days a week as a swimcoach for children in the age of 10-13. My great interest lies in teaching and I plan to keep doing it once I am finished studying.
What I like about this class is that it concerns it self with the present and with the artistic development inspired by modern technology. For me, the interesting part is the discussion about 'original' and 'authentic' art and how those terms have changed in the past century. How art influences our everydaylives and how we interact with it, is a fun study and I hope to get a new angle and a new understanding of it during this class.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for the first time and hope that the next six months turns out great for all of us!

Email: moc.liamtoh|tanittin#moc.liamtoh|tanittin

Hey ho!

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