Rasmus Riiskjaer

Hi everybody

I grew up in the countryside in the midst of Jutland. I have been living in Århus for almost to years now, including a short but very exciting time in a collective, living with my sister, and stays in to other small rooms currently in a basement. I am starting to get use to the idea of living in a city, at first I was it confused me, but know the alternative seems absurd. I am studying comparative literature and I am enjoying it very much, because I am allowed to spend much time with reading and reflection on art and literature. I am very interested in the relationship between literature and theatre, and the representation and distorton of reality in artworks. Therefore I find the mechanisms of autenticity and mediality to be very exciting. I am also interested in the works of Benjamin, Barthes and Foucault which we at my study have been working with. I spend some of my time being a volunteer at a music venue in Århus, which brings me a lot of exciting experiences. As other students of literature and the fine arts, it should be obvious that my hobbies and spare time activities are deeply intertwined. By this I mean that art in al forms is a very big part of my daily life, and I am hoping that this interest will be shared by all of you, so that we may have a rich, intelligent and fun course together, and I am very keen to learn more about the possibilities of the wikidot and the landscape of new media and digital art.

Rasmus Riiskjær, 23926164, moc.liamg|reajksiirsumsar#moc.liamg|reajksiirsumsar

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