Valdemar S Andreasen

I study Dramaturgy, starting my fourth semester. I'm 24 years old, and before I started studying I did some work in theatre and film.
I also have a big interest in video games, and my plan is to make a marriage between my interests, probably resulting in taking a masters in game design at some point. A storm is brewing in the field of videogames, and indie-developers are starting to get more and more attention. Their goal is to make video games a just as viable a communicative medium as other art forms, stating that video games (a term which is rather dubious given the infinite boundries of what is, in essence, a medium of interaction, reaction and choice) right now are in their infancy, comparing the medium to where film was a 100 years ago. I'm currently investegating this trend, playing games by Jonathan Blow, Jason Rohrer, Terry Cavanagh and others. I'm also reading a book by Georgia Tech Professor Ian Bogost called Persuasive Games, about what he calls Procedural Rhetorics in games, an intellectual and artful rhetoric that is indigenous to the medium of interactivity. This I hope to somehow implement and expand on in the subject.

Also my phone is 30707580, and email moc.liamtoh|33asv#moc.liamtoh|33asv

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